Published April 21, 2012 by That Crazy African Chick

As promised, my final list of the things i do not want to regret when am 50 are here 🙂

So as a continuation i’ll start it off from number 8.

8. Realising that i never used the opportunity of “having parents”. People are always complaining about their folks, its a shame that we never realise that we are the lucky ones and there enough people out there who would do anything to have parents. Your parents are God’s greatest gift to you, till the day you have your own kids. The are the only people in this world who would die for you without a question or sacrifice everything they have for you. You are blessed. So how about today you do something sweet for your mum or dad. Cook them dinner or just tell them you love them. Life is so short, you never know when their end is near. LOVE YOUR PARENTS.

9 Living my life seeing the glass half empty. There is nothing more sad than a pessimist. Life has so many opportunities. If theres one thing i’ve learnt its that everything that happens in life happens for a good reason. And i know sometimes it just seems like nothing good is ever going to happen to you, that you try so hard so whats the use of being so opportunustic when clearly nothing good is ever going to happen. I think God lets us go through tough times as a test, he wants to see how badly you want that job, that marriage, that size 8 figure. And sometimes you want to tell yourself that you pray but He never hears you, but i have something that will probably answer that. The other day my friend put up the following status update, ” if you think that God never hears your prayers, remember the teacher is always silent during a test”. Do not let yourself become a bitter old woman or man!

10. Being on the brink of death not knowing what people will ever remember me for. I have nothing against partying, infact if you know me you know i was quite the party animal back then and till now, i definitely won’t miss out on a good party…. but i do not want to be remembered as that girl who was always wasted, partying and blah blah blah. That all superficial shit. I want to be remembered for doing something that probably changed someones life. People nowadays want to be like these crazy celebs who party and stuff but guess what, when Lil Wayne dies, he’s going to be remembered for taking hip hop to a whole other level! So think about what your purpose here on earth is and how its going to postitively affect others. And by all means party but do so knowing you’ve got other shit that people will always remember you for instead of being that guy that never missed a party.

And finally the last point on this list:

11. Living my life making excuses for my actions.  And by this, am not saying that you shouldn’t be empathetic. If you know me, you know that i do not fucking care about what people ever say, and that if i have something to say, i’ll say it to your fucking face. If i have something i want to do, i will do it to your fucking face. I think the only person i owe an explanation to is God. And my parents as long as i am living under their roof,lol. But every other person just isn’t worth it. Am not going to waste precious time making sure people understand why i ever did or said anything. As long as i know i did it for a good reason, thats good enough for me. In the world we live in, everyone feels entitled to your explanation, well i think its time we woke the world up and told it ” I ain’t giving you no fucking explanation!”

Good day 🙂


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