Every Cloud Has A Whaaaaaat ??

Published March 27, 2012 by That Crazy African Chick

Hey people, so i know i’ve been abit quiet but the past few days have been abit too shitty for me. Let me bore you with my woes,lol.

Follow your dreams

So apart from this blog, i have one other thing that i love doing and that’s MUSIC. I would die for it, ask any of my close friends… So everything seemed like it was going to work out, but shit happened and am back to fucking square one. Have you ever sacrificed so much for something but it all ends in seconds?I swear i have never been so angry in my life. I find this world so unfair, wow, highschool definitely didn’t prepare me for this, but the harder the challenge the sweeter the fruit at the end, yes? this probably does not make any sense to you but my very close friends know what am talking about.

So i thought i should just give up, but here’s the thing, i think you know you really love something when even after 2 years of trying too hard your still willing to try again and again and again. So thats what I’ll keep on doing. You really don’t want to live your life regretting and hating yourself because you gave up too soon. You never know if the next time you try you’ll finally get what you wanted. Plus i think what makes it really hard is our parents, its really hard trying to explain to them that this is what you love and you do not see yourself being an engineer or doctor or whatever. Note that i am not talking about my parents they are completely on board.

I think at the end of the day its just important to remember that no one else understands what you love doing more than you and no one else can bring you down more than you can. You are your worst enemy. Motivate yourselves, if you have to get a huge manilla paper and write in very big letters what you want to accomplish in reference to your dream, do so, and stick it somewhere in your room so that every morning when you wake up, you do so with the same drive and motivation.. This is YOUR life that you are living. Stop being so fucking scared about people telling you you can’t make it or people laughing off what you want to do. Only YOU can understand your dreams best and ONLY YOU can make them a fucking reality. Every cloud has a silver lining people 🙂 And fuck those who do not support you!!

Need to get back to Glee soooooo have an awesome day 🙂

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