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Published March 9, 2012 by That Crazy African Chick

Yeah so I know you probably wondering why am giving shout outs to fake people but unlike thee am willing to appreciate their unwanted existence,lol. So shout out to you if you’re fake, yes, I appreciate you!! I know you can all relate to this post 🙂

Shout out to that fake bitch that watched you getting hurt in a relationship and did nothing to help you, that bitch that knew you were gonna get hurt but waited for you to get hurt then showered you with her sympathy.

Shout out to that fake bitch (nigga) who “twangs” like what the fuck is that?

Ok I know some people went to really good schools so if they talked like that I would never blame them but you who went to sijui Kingang’op boys, where did you get that fancy accent from mate? Yeah and also that lawyer supporting that motion that sex workers should have rights! RIGHTS? Like is that a fucking joke? Yeah, so that’s beside the point, in fact that will be a whole other post but shout out to her “twang” LOL

Shout out to that fake bitch that watches television and borrows personalities. Some retarded shit! Lol.

Shout out to that fake bitch (nigga) that LIES FOREVER!

yeah you pathological liar, see a psychiatrist please!! What is the use of lying? People who love you for you will accept you the way you are, stop lying!! And if they can’t accept you am sure someone else will.

Shout out to that fake bitch (nigga) who chooses to judge someone based on what they’ve heard without any proof. You are not innocent yourself! And karma is a serious bitch, so trust we all need each other at a point. CHANGE!

Shout out to that fake bitch nigga who acts like a bitch, and am not talking about gay people (bitch not to mean woman) so don’t misquote me! Am talking about those boys who sit around and gossip like mama mboga’s. Am talking about those boys who make up fake stories about sleeping with mama’s they haven’t even said hi too! Am talking about those boys who know how to call women whores when they are the real whores. And lastly am talking about that bitch nigga that hates you for no apparent reason, yeah shout out to you and FUCK YOU.


Shout out to fake bitch niggas who act like women, haha, yes, WOMEN, no am still not talking about gays, am talking about those guys who throw tantrums in a relationship, that guy who makes you feel like you’re responsible for everything that goes wrong in that relationship, nagging and nagging and NAGGING! that guy that blames you for everything, that guy that’s just a fucking woman. Oh, and that guy that cries for no apparent reason! I don’t have a problem with guys crying, it’s refreshing sometimes but seriously si you just act like you have the balls in the relationship??

Shout out to fake bitches that spread their legs to get ahead. AIDS is real woman! And I do not get why nowadays women are more scared of getting pregnant than getting AIDS.  Get ahead to mean, sleeping around to get ahead at work, or sleeping around to get what she wants, like getting a guys kid so as to keep him. Btw, word to the boys, nowadays there are some psycho women out there, watch out, know who you fuck, coz when she wants you she will do ANYTHING to keep you. Even drug you and rape you, and can you imagine trying to explain to your boys that a mama raped you? LOL. WATCH OUT.

And lastly, shout out to fake bitches that interfere in peoples relationships. It isn’t your relationship so what the fuck is your problem? Why you so nosy?  Whatever problem someone has with their guy is their problem, bitch get lost. Yeah and some guys also do that shit nowadays, fake bitch nigga! Act like a fucking man!


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