He’s just not that into you….

Published April 7, 2012 by That Crazy African Chick

  1. When you’re always the one calling him. He’s the man; he should be doing the calling!!! This also goes for texting. Have some self-dignity woman.
  2. When you’re the other woman. I know enough girls who are quite comfortable being the other girl because “he promised he’ll leave his girlfriend for me” Baby your just a tool, a toy. He needs you only for his sexual desires and that’s all you’ll ever be. You’re like a human dildo. He will never leave his girlfriend for you because it took him a very long time to get her and there’s no way he’ll leave that for a woman he got after inboxing her on Facebook 12 hours ago!
  3. When he hasn’t introduced you to his boys. Men love to brag about a woman they really like or love. And it’s almost inevitable that you will meet the boys in less than a month. But if you’ve been with him for a year and he still hasn’t introduced you to any of his boys you know there’s a problem.
  4. When he calls you another girls name while you’re at it. Haha, now this one is just self-explanatory, leave that nigga!! Because while you’re thinking of him, all he’s wishing is that it was that other girl and not you lying next to him.
  5. If he beats the crap out of you. No he doesn’t do it because he loves you!! He does it because he’s insecure and the only way he will make you as insecure as he is by beating the living day lights out of you. And if a man loves you, the last thing he wants is to make you feel scared or insecure. Leave him.
  6. If he compares you to another woman. He’s trying to make you become like the woman he wants, so instead of changing for him, leave him. A man who loves you loves YOU. He doesn’t want you to be like Emma, Rita or whoever.
  7. If he introduces you to people as his ‘friend’ yet when you’re both alone you’re his ‘girlfriend’. He is clearly embarrassed of you for some reason so how about you also feel a little embarrassed of him and leave him.
  8. If he cheats on you. Once a cheat always a cheat. Do not lie to yourself that he’s going to change, or you can make him change. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and if he cared about you he wouldn’t want to hurt you babe so leave him. No more tears!!
  9. When the only time he ever calls you is when he needs clean clothes and a neat house. And you should be so ashamed of yourself if you actually clear your schedule to go and clean up for a man you are not married to. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU. So what happens when he’s tired of you and breaks it off after you continuously chipped your perfectly done manicure for that loser?? Leave him!

And lastly….

If he’s always breaking up with you and coming back telling you how he misses those days, blah, blah, blah.. Do not listen to that crap, he is immature and just wants to have fun with other girls but only misses you during the ‘dry seasons’. Do not be a fool. Don’t keep on going back to him. Leave him!

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