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Published April 25, 2012 by That Crazy African Chick

Yeah BEBE 😉

So I know that we are ALL guilty of hating on people we know and even people we don’t really know. But it got me thinking, how bad do you feel when you find out people have been talking about you. In the beginning you feel bad but with time it just gets old and (for me) exciting cause its free publicity in case you ever plan on being a celebrity one day, lol.

You don’t really know anyone’s life once you part ways with them. So i’ll make this post short.

The next time you’re talking about someone being a snob, be sure that they aren’t just shy and have a problem opening up to people. The next time you’re talking about someone being a bitch, make sure you’ve held a decent conversation with them to ascertain that statement. The next time you talk about someone being anorexic, be sure to find out they actually starve themselves. The next time you talk about someone being a loser, make sure you aren’t one yourself. The next time you talk about someone having dirty old fashioned clothes, make sure that they don’t come from a poverty stricken family that can’t afford the clothes you wear. The next time you talk about someone’s life, think about the possibility of minding your own business.

The next time you talk about someone being a brat, make sure you’re not jealous, and try working harder so that you can also be a brat 🙂 The next time you think your better than someone else, remember we all came into this world naked, no one had a Louis Vuitton umbilical cord tied to them, and we will all leave this world the same, through death, because death does not choose! The next time you talk about someone being fat, pray you never blow up in the near future. The next time you talk about someone being ugly, remember God created us in his own image and likeness (I hope that’s right, haven’t heard that line in a while 😛 ) and to him we are all the same so your also pretty ugly 🙂

Life is short, make amends now, and start appreciating. There’s so much to that person you can’t stop talking shit about!


Published April 21, 2012 by That Crazy African Chick

As promised, my final list of the things i do not want to regret when am 50 are here 🙂

So as a continuation i’ll start it off from number 8.

8. Realising that i never used the opportunity of “having parents”. People are always complaining about their folks, its a shame that we never realise that we are the lucky ones and there enough people out there who would do anything to have parents. Your parents are God’s greatest gift to you, till the day you have your own kids. The are the only people in this world who would die for you without a question or sacrifice everything they have for you. You are blessed. So how about today you do something sweet for your mum or dad. Cook them dinner or just tell them you love them. Life is so short, you never know when their end is near. LOVE YOUR PARENTS.

9 Living my life seeing the glass half empty. There is nothing more sad than a pessimist. Life has so many opportunities. If theres one thing i’ve learnt its that everything that happens in life happens for a good reason. And i know sometimes it just seems like nothing good is ever going to happen to you, that you try so hard so whats the use of being so opportunustic when clearly nothing good is ever going to happen. I think God lets us go through tough times as a test, he wants to see how badly you want that job, that marriage, that size 8 figure. And sometimes you want to tell yourself that you pray but He never hears you, but i have something that will probably answer that. The other day my friend put up the following status update, ” if you think that God never hears your prayers, remember the teacher is always silent during a test”. Do not let yourself become a bitter old woman or man!

10. Being on the brink of death not knowing what people will ever remember me for. I have nothing against partying, infact if you know me you know i was quite the party animal back then and till now, i definitely won’t miss out on a good party…. but i do not want to be remembered as that girl who was always wasted, partying and blah blah blah. That all superficial shit. I want to be remembered for doing something that probably changed someones life. People nowadays want to be like these crazy celebs who party and stuff but guess what, when Lil Wayne dies, he’s going to be remembered for taking hip hop to a whole other level! So think about what your purpose here on earth is and how its going to postitively affect others. And by all means party but do so knowing you’ve got other shit that people will always remember you for instead of being that guy that never missed a party.

And finally the last point on this list:

11. Living my life making excuses for my actions.  And by this, am not saying that you shouldn’t be empathetic. If you know me, you know that i do not fucking care about what people ever say, and that if i have something to say, i’ll say it to your fucking face. If i have something i want to do, i will do it to your fucking face. I think the only person i owe an explanation to is God. And my parents as long as i am living under their roof,lol. But every other person just isn’t worth it. Am not going to waste precious time making sure people understand why i ever did or said anything. As long as i know i did it for a good reason, thats good enough for me. In the world we live in, everyone feels entitled to your explanation, well i think its time we woke the world up and told it ” I ain’t giving you no fucking explanation!”

Good day 🙂



Published April 17, 2012 by That Crazy African Chick

Hey lovely people, its been a while but am back bebe 😛 So much has happened in the past few days it got me thinking about the things i don’t want to regret when am 50. So heres a list of them.

I don't want to be lonely

1. I don’t want to be 50 and lonely because i had unrealistic expectations of the kind of man i want to end up married to.This year has been the year i realised so much, guys are just as human as we women are and they will fuck up!!! But that doesn’t mean that he can’t be that “right” guy. Am not going to say “the one” because i don’t believe there is such a thing as “the one”. I know widowers and divorced folks who find love again after losing “the one” so its all about finding THE RIGHT PERSON!

Very Sad

2. I don’t want to be an alcoholic. I know this may sound like a joke to most but i just realised, nowadays the rate the youth consume alcohol is crazy! And i think most alcoholics started out going for raves, getting wasted, drinking just for the sake, to look cool, to fit it, when they were stressed, or whatever. All am saying is, we consume alcohol like fucking beasts, i do not want to be absent when my children are growing up because every other day, i’ve blacked out in my room or every other night am out drinking like am being paid to do so. Or worse having your kid cleaning after you, throwing away your vodka bottles. Thats just fucking sad. I don’t want to lose my life because of any disease that might come about as a result of the drinking, i would never want to put my children through that pain and anguish, NEVER. So think about that.

3. I don’t want to have wrinkles!!!!! And incase you didn’t know alot of the stuff we do nowadays cause wrinkles. Like smoking, exposing yourself unprotected to this horrendous Kenyan sun (always and always apply sunscreen, SPF 50 and above if you live in Kenya,lol) taking sugar, yes taking sugar ages you faster than smoking does, dehydration, take 8 glasses of water daily. Plus its always important to work out and eat right, and i know its hard, but we can do it!! 🙂 You don’t want your husband cheating on you with a younger girl when your older because you lost your youth and sex appeal ladies!!

Love your Friends and Warn Them If You Have To

4. I do not want to lose my friends because i never warned them when i saw trouble coming. I want to grow old with my friends, i want us to be MILFS together 🙂 So if you drink and drive, stop! if you smoke, stop, be an occasional drinker and do not drink to get drunk.  And if your my friend and your reading this i love you so much and heed my advice 🙂

5.I don’t want to end up being in those ” i hate him” marriages. Like seriously, ladies why the hell would you marry a man you end up hating later? I think its important for people to marry for the right reasons, and this is also a lesson to myself incase i ever give the thought of marriage a chance. Do not marry for cash, theres no love there, do not marry him out of low self esteem, you can find a better man elsewhere!! everyone has someone who will treat him or her like a king or queen. But if theres love and theres money, go ahead,lol. Don’t let that go. Love your husbands, treat them like kings and if you have to,make love to him everday. And i think if you love your husbands you’ll never have a problem doing that. And husbands spoil your women if you want some good loving!!! 🙂 Be faithful and honest and never get those yucky beer bellys!

Get That Money!!

6. I do not want to be poor! poverty, the cause of all evils. I want to give my kids everything i’ve had the priviledge of having and everything i’ve never had. I don’t want to have crooks running around my house. If your kid wants something, they will do anything to get it. When i was a kid if  i wanted something i’d disturb my dad till he bought it, even if it meant crying for hours straight. That didn’t work for my mom though,lol. She’s too tough. So work hard people. Work for the future of your children, work for your reputation and work to be rich!! I do not care what any pastor says, there is nothing wrong with being stupid rich!!!

7. I don’t want to regret not standing up for something i believed in. Whether its a job you want to do, or telling your friends wasup, that you think they act like dicks sometimes, or telling that fake bitch that you don’t want her around you coz she’s making your life hell. People should  stand up for themselves and what they believe, and if you still have people around you at the end of the day, those are the real people in your life and the rest were just lessons.

I’ll probably add more with time but for now,have an awesome day people 🙂

He’s just not that into you….

Published April 7, 2012 by That Crazy African Chick

  1. When you’re always the one calling him. He’s the man; he should be doing the calling!!! This also goes for texting. Have some self-dignity woman.
  2. When you’re the other woman. I know enough girls who are quite comfortable being the other girl because “he promised he’ll leave his girlfriend for me” Baby your just a tool, a toy. He needs you only for his sexual desires and that’s all you’ll ever be. You’re like a human dildo. He will never leave his girlfriend for you because it took him a very long time to get her and there’s no way he’ll leave that for a woman he got after inboxing her on Facebook 12 hours ago!
  3. When he hasn’t introduced you to his boys. Men love to brag about a woman they really like or love. And it’s almost inevitable that you will meet the boys in less than a month. But if you’ve been with him for a year and he still hasn’t introduced you to any of his boys you know there’s a problem.
  4. When he calls you another girls name while you’re at it. Haha, now this one is just self-explanatory, leave that nigga!! Because while you’re thinking of him, all he’s wishing is that it was that other girl and not you lying next to him.
  5. If he beats the crap out of you. No he doesn’t do it because he loves you!! He does it because he’s insecure and the only way he will make you as insecure as he is by beating the living day lights out of you. And if a man loves you, the last thing he wants is to make you feel scared or insecure. Leave him.
  6. If he compares you to another woman. He’s trying to make you become like the woman he wants, so instead of changing for him, leave him. A man who loves you loves YOU. He doesn’t want you to be like Emma, Rita or whoever.
  7. If he introduces you to people as his ‘friend’ yet when you’re both alone you’re his ‘girlfriend’. He is clearly embarrassed of you for some reason so how about you also feel a little embarrassed of him and leave him.
  8. If he cheats on you. Once a cheat always a cheat. Do not lie to yourself that he’s going to change, or you can make him change. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and if he cared about you he wouldn’t want to hurt you babe so leave him. No more tears!!
  9. When the only time he ever calls you is when he needs clean clothes and a neat house. And you should be so ashamed of yourself if you actually clear your schedule to go and clean up for a man you are not married to. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU. So what happens when he’s tired of you and breaks it off after you continuously chipped your perfectly done manicure for that loser?? Leave him!

And lastly….

If he’s always breaking up with you and coming back telling you how he misses those days, blah, blah, blah.. Do not listen to that crap, he is immature and just wants to have fun with other girls but only misses you during the ‘dry seasons’. Do not be a fool. Don’t keep on going back to him. Leave him!

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