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Published March 15, 2012 by That Crazy African Chick


If there’s one thing African men should be proud of its their women!!! There is no other continent that has this many curvy women. So its always funny when am reading celebrity gossip and writers are praising Kim Kardashian’s body, whose a 34-26-39, barely curvy in Africa!! 34?? 34??????? i had size 34 boobs when i started highschool, lol, am at 38 now, hallelujah to that 😀 but it seems they’ve stopped growing, haha.

AFRICA IS THE LAND OF CURVES! And am not talking about bought curves, am talking about real natural shit! So it really saddens me when i see girls trying to lose their curves so that they can look like those runway models. What the fuck is a size zero??  Because why the hell would i want to be a size nothing? Like how do you even wear a dress without a size? i wanna say am a size 8, not a size zerrooooo! And speaking of, when did size 8 stop becoming the fad? Because  i woke up one day and it was more fashionable to have your ribs hanging out of your chest. Ladies, embrace those curves, because they kill men!! i can’t tell you how many times i’ve had conversations with guys and the only thing that comes up is ASS, ASS, ASS or BOOBS, BOOBS,BOOBS! Yes, i check out girls too,lol… but no, am not a lesbian, 100% straight!!

Nothiiiiing 🙂

And for those girls who aren’t blessed with curves, please don’t go buy those butt enhancing creams or whatever, because what happens when they backfire and you have one ass cheek thats bigger than the other? Just flaunt what you’ve got!! And for those not blessed in the chest area, thats why we’ve got padded bra’s!! Men would be so shocked if they knew the difference these bra’s make! no, she’s no pamela anderson, just a girl with a padded bra 🙂

So ladies, embrace that ass,swing it everytime you walk, hold your boobs in public if it makes you feel better,haha… because no one was created like you and you’re beautiful just the way you are, FUCK SOCIETY,ROCK THOSE DAMN CURVES! And lets make size zero soooooo last year 🙂

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