Published March 12, 2012 by That Crazy African Chick

So in every girls life there are different type of men, that make or break her,


You have the random men that will pass through your life, the ugly frogs, metaphorically speaking ofcourse. Your going to kiss them, your going to get disappointed but thats life. And whats life without it’s challenges 🙂 and you might think that you’ll never find that guy you’ve been waiting for, note i didn’t say “the one”  too effin cliche!!  but trust me at the end of that line of ugly frogs, will be that fine ass nigga you’ve always wanted  :p

You have that one ex that you and everyone else can’t seem to forget, your friends do not get why you ever dated, but thats the thing, no one will ever understand, and there’s some sought of beauty in that 🙂 its that ex that you love to hate but still can’t forget coz you shared the best moments ever. That ex that brought along so much drama but upto today, the whole drama just seemed worth it…spiced up your life. That ex that you planned a whole future with but who knew the future he talked about was tomorrow and not the days after, yeah, that ex, and its upto you to decide if you want to let his memory burn you to the ground, or whether you’ll rise above the drama and be your own separate entity without having his name mentioned every single time someone talks about you.


You have that one guy that’s always there for you, through the good and bad,the tears and the laughs. That guy thats always worried if your not happy, that guy that you probably don’t know you need, and by the time you do, it might be too late.Coz all he wants is you, and its about time you realised that true love isn’t that fairytale you read when you were 10, true love is the way he looks at you, treats you, the little things he does for you, that you take for granted. He is true love.


Then you have your dad, the one man that at the end of the day is going to have your back through thick or thin, you might hate him now, but trust me, he’s the only man thats going to treat you like the princess you are.Your father.  And the only thing he has at the back of his head during a shitty day, are your needs. Appreciate him while you still can. And with that I LOVE MY FATHER, FREDRICK M NDONYE! Coz he treats me like the princess i am, and he’s always got my back, even through all the shit i’ve put him through. And Lord knows i am not the type of daughter anyone would wish for,lol.. And am sorry i never appreciated you sooner daddy 🙂

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