Why I want to be a guy for a day….

Published March 21, 2012 by That Crazy African Chick

Sometimes I think it just sucks balls being a girl. When you’re a girl,

You’re going to meet that guy that you’ll end up wanting so badly but you can’t be with because everything’s against you being with him, and because your also scared he won’t be the real deal. You’re a girl, so you end up over thinking the situation. See if I was a boy, I’d hook up with anyone I wanted any day, without regrets coz I know I’d be able to get everyone I wanted. And at the end of the day it would just be sex, wouldn’t matter if I could remember how the girl looked the next day.

Its Just sex BEBE

When you’re a girl you’re going to have drama with other bitches over shit you didn’t even expect. You’re going to bitch about each other and everyone’s going to know there’s drama and you’ll have bitches who didn’t even know you talking about you. How easy is it when you’re a guy? They might have drama but at the end of the day it’s never that serious, they’re still boys when the day is over.

No More FUCKING Drama

When you’re a girl, you cannot hook up with someone’s ex or someone’s crush. So what happens if your feelings are actually genuine and you’re not doing it to hurt anyone? Should you sacrifice your happiness for chicks over dicks? And if that chick was your friend, isn’t she supposed to be happy for you? I know guys who do not mind if they’re boy ended up with they’re ex, because you’re supposed to leave the past in the past. Ladies, leave the past in the past!! And leave the present and future you can’t have to the girl who can have it!

Another thing, girls are way tooo emotional, too too emotional. And emotions are the reason why women are sometimes so difficult to deal with.  Men are detached from their emotions, well most men I know, but nowadays I swear some men are so emotional its disgusting, if you fall under this category please change because we can’t have two women in a relationship.

Stop with the Emotions

Lastly, as a woman you can’t just walk around in your bra on a hot day. And how unfair is that, how many times, in this hot country, have you wanted to just remove your top and walk around in a bra, but you can’t because everyone is so fucking conservative!! And you’ll probably get stripped in town, lol.. I call for rights to walk around in a bra, lest we die from this heat. Men can walk around in their vests and even go shirtless, how lucky are they?

I’d so love to be a guy for a day.

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