Fake Ass Dreams!!!

Published February 28, 2012 by That Crazy African Chick

So of late i think almost everyone i know is either a photographer, a deejay, event organiser, musician or fashion blogger.

Now, don’t get me wrong but just because you got yourself a new Canon DSLR camera doesn’t mean your a professional photographer. Just because you hit that one note in the bathroom today morning doesn’t mean you can be the next big thing in the music industry. Just because you have the Virtual DJ App on your laptop doesn’t make you a DJ for heaven’s sake!!!! Am sure you know where this is headed.

Am so effin tired of hearing people say they realised they were musicians by chance! or deejays by chance or photographers by fucking chance, like WTH???

No dream comes by chance, you grow up knowing you have a certain talent in you, you don’t just bump into your dream.  So instead of wasting opportunities other people would kill for why don’t you just do what you always dreamt of doing and not what will get you famous!! Coz i swear i will smack the next person who comes up to me saying they realised they could sing and so i should like their facebook page coz they are going to be the next big thing. OVER MY DEAD BODY! Yes, LITERALLY!

Fucking do what you were meant to do before this sudden current realisation of fake ass dreams!Stop wasting other peoples opportunities and time.

Don’t you just wanna smack these kind of people? SMH.

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